PTA – Funding 2018

Gryffe PTA Provides Significant Funding £9,000!

The PTA met on January 15th to discuss Faculty/Department bids for funding that had been submitted prior to the Christmas holiday. With the School Theatre now beautifully refurbished, our focus is once again on supporting the school to meet the needs of our pupils, ensuring that they can all reach their potential.

The Christmas Fayre and other PTA events so generously supported by the parent/carer community have enabled us to deliver the following funds for the improvement of learning and teaching within Gryffe High School.

Faculty Funding Equipment and Impact
ABC £2500 10 Ipads, this class set will be used to enhance coding and mobile App development cutting edge!
Guidance –PSE,All year groups. £1600 Teaching and learning materials that are relevant for pupils in today’s world, Social Media and Substance misuse being two of the themes we will focus on.
Physical Education £680 Boxercise class set and Kettle Bell set for PE classes and extracurricular clubs to use, promoting HWB for pupils.
Sports teams £700 Sports tops for various teams including Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Hockey, Rowing, Tennis, Volleyball and Football, giving pupils connectedness to our school when representing us.
Art & Design £560 Photography equipment, including a ‘dark area’ and anin ricate paper cutter and Technical tools. All this for raising attainment!
Health, Food & food Technology £525 Hand mixers, digital scales, oven trays and serving dishes will provide young people with the equipment required to complete complex practical cookery dishes
Support for Learning £500
Various Dyslexia support materials for our young people, to
support them and remove barriers to learning.
Responsibility of All, Literacy focus £500 A reading programme to support Literacy development in the BGE, initially focusing on improving literacy skills in S1 pupils.
Modern Languages £400 Spanish dictionaries to equip each young person with their own dictionary when learning Spanish. The aim is to improve their vocabulary through challenging, independent work.
Music £450 Headphones, 40 headsets, one for each young person in both Music rooms, enabling independent, differentiated working.
Stress Busting Assemblies and Workshops £400 Delivered by partner organisation ‘Headstrong’, Senior Pupils benefit from learning to effectively manage exam.